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R & D Initiatives

RV Chronos

Chronological ambiguity has been a major problem in the field of remote viewing. The standard technical remote viewing (TRV) protocol does not facilitate the neurophysiological triggers necessary for the conscious awareness to determine its temporal or chronological position in relation to the target under investigation. On rare occasion the remote viewer can become aware of a general sense of time due to the nature of the target. As an example, if the target were the first phase of the Peloponnesian War, the viewer may perceive Stage II and IV data such as metal, wood, moist, hot, water, sweat, long, thin, cylindrical, pointed, sharp and Stage IV tangibles of swords, spears, and blood and perhaps intangibles of "foreign" and "war". By virtue of these percepts they may conclude that they are perceiving an ancient battle or war but they will not be able to accurately correlate a date to the event though they will be able to describe it.

Initiative Status: Resolved

RV GeoLoc

Temporal ambiguity has also been a thorn in metaphorical side of remote viewing. Using the protocol developed by Ingo Swann and perfected by Maj. Ed Dames a remote viewer is capable of describing any person, place, thing, event, or idea any where without limitation. Though this affords the viewer a vast super-power of human potential it is equally counter-balanced by the inability to ascertain where the target of investigation resides in space.

Initiative Status: Resolved

Protocol Stage VII - Analytics

The ability to ascertain numbers and letters correctly using standard TRV protocol has been a issue since the very beginning of remote viewing. Though some advancement was made in the form of ARV (associative remote viewing) it is quite limited due to the inherent inaccuracies caused by malformed cuing and incorrect targeting techniques.

Initiative Status: Completed

Protocol Stage X - Remote Action

Remote Action is the ability to interact at a physical level with objects at the target site and to modify their position or transport them away from the target site as well as transporting new objects to the site.

Initiative Status: Completed

Protocol Stage XI - Remote Perturbation

Remote Perturbation is the ability to modify time at the target site; this includes speeding up and/or slowing down time to affect various possible outcomes. Combined with Stage X - RA it may be possible to modify time and shift world-line outcomes on a micro & macro scale.

Initiative Status: Completed



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