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The Remote Viewing Consortium accepts donations to help further the goals of our mission which is to provide beneficial mind tools to all humanity through our research efforts.

The RVC also provides limited pro bono services via our intelligence agency PSIINT (http://psiint.net) to assist families & law enforcement agencies around the world in finding missing persons, abducted children and fugitives from justice.  The RVC and PSIINT personnel never accept any reward money that is offered in connection with free services pertaining to projects involving missing persons, fugitive apprehension, or the like... we provide these free services as humanitarian aid with no thought of recompense.

Donations assist us in providing these free services by offsetting the costs and expenses associated with intelligence operations that require our agents to travel to distant locations.

If you would like to support our development & research efforts please make a donation of any size by scanning the QR code below with your Bitcoin wallet.

Thank you for your support!





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